The Rochester-Canandaigua Beer Trail

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Starting and ending in Rochester, this 6 ¼ hour trail itinerary takes you to 7 breweries along the northwestern corner of the Finger Lakes Beer Trail.
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TOTAL TIME TO DO THE TRAIL: 6 hours 15 minutes

stop1-01Rohrbach Brewing Company


Can’t you just taste the excitement? After all, with so many incredible craft beers to sample, you could spend hours, even days, here — and still not scratch the surface. But that’s fine. We want you to come back often. Bring a friend. Share a toast. Celebrate. And enjoy hand-crafted ales, pilsners, stouts, and porters, along with an astounding array of our seasonal and signature beers.

stop1-01Roc Brewing Company

rocbrewingRoc Brewing Co. is located  on South Union St. in downtown Rochester. It currently brews a selection of unique brews on site, and the tasting room is open to those who are interested in trying some great local beer (as well as some of our favorites from around the US).

stop1-01The Fairport Brewing Company

fairport brewingFairport Brewing Company is proud to offer our artisan, hand crafted approach to brewing the highest quality beer using only the best ingredients.  Our beers are prepared in small batches with many different recipes offering only the best of what we create.  We offer Limited Edition Beers and the option for beer lovers to create, at our brewery, their own recipes and beers with personalized Private Label Offerings.  Beer is our passion and we are proud to share our best!

stop1-01Naked Dove Brewing Company

Naked Dove (13)

Naked Dove concentrates on doing one thing: utilizing the best ingredients that the world has to offer to brew world class beers locally. The beers have passed strict quality standards to ensure that they will meet yours. We are located in Canandaigua in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York.

stop5-01Brew & Brats at Arbor Hill

3 Brew & Brats

Arbor Hill produces wines and gourmet foods having distinct flavors signifying the heritage of the region. Brew & Brats builds upon the historical significance of hops, an integral ingredient of beer. The Towns of Bristol and South Bristol were noted for their hop production, which supplied the McKechnie Brewery of Canandaigua in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Arbor Hill has also partnered with Hartmann’s Sausage of Canandaigua to offer  sausage with taste and quality second to none.

stop1-01Custom Brewcrafters

ALCORNSCB Brewing Company crafts a wide variety of beers to satisfy the tastes of any beer lover.  Whether it’s our Caged Alpha Monkey featuring a massive amount of hops or our more traditional Double Dark Cream Porter featuring a classic roast flavor you will be certain to find a CB beer that suits you.  While the beers listed on our website are what we make for distribution be sure to stop by our tasting room as we frequently have special brews that are only available in house and for a limited time!

stop1-01Rohrbach Brewing Company Brewpub

1310750454-b_rohrbachs_brewpubRohrbach Brewing Company’s commitment to handcrafting the finest ales and lagers using the freshest, high quality ingredients available is the same commitment our kitchen team has. All of our menu creations are homemade by using the freshest finest meats, seafood, produce and cheeses available in our area. Upstate New York is a rich food producing region and the chef uses the freshest local produces to create wonderfully flavored dishes.


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