Haunted History Trail of New York State

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New York State is more haunted than you might think. 13 counties have come together to form the Haunted History Trail of New York State – a spooky trail spanning the entire state (and several hundreds of years of hauntings).

stop1-01Rolling Hills Asylum

Genesee County

Rolling HillsEstablished in 1827, the Genesee County Poor House (originally a working farm) soon became a home for the outcasts of society. Widows and orphans mingled with lunatics, and the unclaimed dead were buried on the property.  With over 1,700 documented deaths and hundreds not recorded, it’s no wonder Haunted North America rated it as the 2nd most haunted site in the US.


Allegiance Bed & Breakfast

Livingston County

Livingston Co - Allegiance B&B

A beautiful, historic and elegantly restored circa-1838 ‘mini’ White House mansion, tastefully decorated to reveal the grandeur of the Victorian era. Although its name honors Francis Bellamy, a “local son’ who authored our Pledge of Allegiance, it’s not Francis who frequently pays a visit. Say hello to Karen and Ray!

stop5-01William Phelps General Store/Palmyra Museum

Wayne County

Historic Palmyra Ghost Tour 2

Historic Palmyra offers two haunted buildings for your ghost-hunting experience. With eight years of experience, a multitude of unusual happenings, and a variety of spirits in both buildings. A guide will give you your first walkthrough tour and point out the information and happenings. Meet the children from the fire and Holly at the Phelps.

stop1-01The Naples Hotel

Ontario County

naples hotel

The Naples Hotel, built in 1895, has been home to countless travelers over the years, some of which have never left. Today, the hotel’s 32 rooms are haunted by at least six friendly spirits, including a woman and her children, as well as a gentleman named Topper. They are known to move pictures, turn lights on, and lock doors!


stop1-01Miles Wine Cellars

Yates County

Miles Wine CellarsMiles Wine Cellars is located in a Greek revival mansion that overlooks Seneca Lake. The home was originally built in 1802, and there is little doubt that today it is inhabited by more than the rieslings that the Finger Lakes is known for. Strange happenings such as slamming doors, footsteps, and unexplained sounds have manifested on the property for years.

stop1-01Bishop-Gillette Headstone

Yates County

photoThe Lady in Granite is located in Lakeview Cemetery in Penn Yan, New York. This is the gravestone for the Gillette family and the ghost is believed to be that of Matilda Gillette. The image of her reclining head appeared on the dark grave and nothing has been able to remove it, even repeated polishing of the stone. Legend has it that over time her whole image will be formed and she will be free to haunt the local community.

stop1-01Spook Hill

Yates County

photoFollow Route 364 through Potter and Middlesex.  Turn left onto South Vine Valley Road.  Turn left onto Newell Road.  Drive to the top of the big hill and when you get to the top you will descend a little bit.  There will be a driveway on the right and then a sign for Spike Road on the left.  Before Spike Road and a little before the driveway on the right, you will want to stop and put your car in neutral. Sit and be spooked as your car rolls backward up the hill! (Hint – If it doesn’t work at first, your car may not be in the right spot. So either move forward or backward a bit. You will know when you have found it!)

stop1-01Owego Parkview Restaurant

Tioga County

photoThe hotel building was built in 1867. In 2008, the Parkview received a grant from the North Avenue Gateway Revitalization Project in order to improve commerce in the area through renovations of existing businesses. In 2011, Beth and Mark Johnson purchased the Parkview despite heavy damage from flooding. After many renovations and repairs, the Irish pub and restaurant opened its doors in 2012 and has been serving Owego’s finest ever since! Secrets abound on the second floor, where rooms have remained dusty and quiet for many years. One room, sealed off after a small fire in the 1970s, was only rediscovered 40 years later by Beth Johnson herself!