No Where Else Trail

Center map
This non-official trail takes you around Yates County to all the one of a kind things to see and do. 


stop1-01Spook Hill


SpookHillThe legend that gave rise to the naming of Spook Hill (actually named Newell Road) is that cars and bicycles seem to be rolling uphill backwards. Directions: Drive to the top of the big hill on Newell Road and when you get to the top you will descend a little. There will be a driveway on the right and then a sign for Spike Road on the left. Before Spike Road and a little before the driveway on the right you will want to stop and put your car in neutral. Sit and be spooked as your car rolls up the hill!

stop1-01Rochester Folk Art Guild

FolkArtGuildPottery, woodturning, poetry writing, dance, sewing, weaving and music, the Folk Art Guild is a sanctuary for it all. This artists’ haven is truly inspiring, to every aspect inside life. Classes and events throughout the year, or in season: open daily to visit the shops and galleries!

stop1-01Hunt Country Vineyards

HuntCountryVineyardsIf you aren’t visiting for the spectacular wine, purchasing organic produce in season, or enjoying the views, please visit to learn the environmental stewardship of this fantastic winery. Hunt Country Vineyards is on the cutting edge of sustainable agriculture (environmental) initiatives. Go for a visit and they would be happy to fill you in on the details!

stop1-0110,000 Delights Bed and Breakfast


10000DelightsB&BThis visit you will have to spend the night for, but it will be well worth it! This bed and breakfast has lake frontage across the street and has a small inn right by the water. This isn’t just any bed and breakfast though…the grounds are amazing. There is a Japanese style tea house with a glass and cypress floor overlooking a 60 foot waterfall, a tree house adorned with a beautiful stained glass panel, a labyrinth, hiking trails, statues, a teepee, beautiful things that celebrate the earth.

stop5-01The Most Photographed View in the Finger Lakes


MostPhotographedSo I tell everyone to not look at your mirrors as you are traveling up the hill…no peeking! Turn up Esperanza Road and climb the twisty hill until you reach the top, just about a mile or so. Turn your car around and slowly descend down the hill, be prepared to stop, you will want to. This view is spectacular!