The Livingston County Birdwatching Trail

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Livingston County’s Genesee River, lush forests and tracts of rolling grasslands make it a great place to watch birds in any season.

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stop1-01Nations Road, Geneseo

Birding_NationsRdThe infrequently mowed fields along Nation’s Road from Avon to Geneseo protect the survival of grassland birds, such as meadowlarks, red-winged blackbirds, bobolinks, and sparrows.

stop1-01River Road

Birding_RiverRdA drive on River Road is likely to turn up hawks, kestrels, shrikes, short-eared owls, ring-necked pheasants, horned larks, snow buntings, Lapland longspurs, bobolinks and savannah and grasshopper sparrows.

stop1-01Letchworth State Park

Birding_LetchworthTurkey vultures, chimney swifts, and other swallows are regularly seen in the gorge during the warm months, though birds can be seen year round.

stop1-01Hemlock  & Canadice Lakes

Birding_HemlockLakeHemlock Lake was famous in the 1970s for hosting the last “wild” bald eagle nest in the state. Their descendants continue to nest here. Canadice’s undeveloped shoreline is home to many birds.

stop5-01Conesus Lake Inlet

Sullivan Campaign_ConesusInletThe swampy areas surrounding Conesus Lake’s southern inlet (south of Sliker Hill Road and north of Guiltner Road) attract many good birds.

stop1-01Doran Road in Lima

Birding_DoranLocated east of downtown Lima, Doran Road is a favorite place to watch short-eared owls and northern harrier hawks hunt for prey over open fields.

stop1-01Genesee Valley Greenway

Birding_GreenwayThe Genesee River runs parallel to this trail, providing a natural migration route for songbirds, raptors, waterfowl, and others. The trail is most alive with birds in spring, early summer and fall.

For More Information Contact: Livingston County Chamber of Commerce, 585-243-2222.