The Sullivan Campaign

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In 1779, General Sullivan’s campaign reached Livingston County, where the army met the only organized resistance of the campaign.

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stop1-01Hemlock Lake Park


Birding_HemlockLakeSullivan’s army passed through this area en route to Conesus. A monument constructed of old gristmill stone and contains Indian relics marks the spot.

stop1-01Foote’s Corners


Sullivan Campaign_footescornersSullivan’s army camped here on September 12, 1779. The monument sits on a small boulevard at the intersection of Rt. 15 and Foote’s Corners Road.

stop1-01Conesus Lake Inlet


Sullivan Campaign_ConesusInletSullivan’s army built a bridge to cross here.

stop1-01The Ambuscade


Sullivan Campaign_AmbuscadeLt. Boyd and Michael Parker were captured and taken to Little Beard’s Town in Cuylerville after an ambush here. A monument was erected to honor fallen soldiers.

stop5-01Boyd and Parker Park


Sullivan Campaign_BoydParkerThe tortured and mutilated bodies of Lt. Boyd and Michael Parker were discovered here when Sullivan’s army arrived to burn the village and fields of crops. There are two monuments at this site to honor them.

stop1-01The Torture Tree


Sullivan Campaign_torturetreeThis ancient tree acquired its nickname early in the 19th century as the tree that Boyd and Parker were killed at. But in 1779 the tree would have been a mere sapling.

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